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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Where does Cambodia rank in the world?

In the world, there were 177 countries in the Report of the Human Development issued by the UNDP in 2005. What indicators experts used to measure the human development of countries in the world? In principles, THREE main indicators: INCOME (GDP per capita), HEALTH (life expectancy at birth), and EDUCATION (adult literacy and school enrollment). These three indicators are called Human Development Index (HDI) representing average achievement of each country.

Cambodia ranked 130 with the GDP per capita 2078 $ (international $: int’l $), a little bit better than Laos that ranked 133 among 177 countries. Norway ranked the top with the GDP per capita 37670$ ( int’l $), USA ranked 10 with GDP per capita 37562$ (int’l$). Last 25 countries from the bottom were African countries in which Niger was the last in the row among 177 countries. Click for Human Development Report 2005

Int’l $: is a way to compare standard of living across countries using conversion factor for GDP (PPP: purchasing power parity) to eliminate differences in national price level. The simple example to understand is that 1US$ in the US is different from 1 US$ in Cambodia or developing countries in terms of buying the same item.


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Good to read your opinion on health related issues.


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Blogger hsb said...

Thank ThaRum. I am willing to post something related to health issues in cambodia more.

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