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Friday, January 27, 2006

Here, we mind about the daily weather!

In Cambodia, most of the time people never think of about the changes in weather in their daily lives. They always take it for granted since it always sunny and shiny, and the duration of night and day are not quite different even in summer or winter.

But here in Norway, we mind about the weather all the times especially in winter! I have to check weather forecast daily to see what will happend in the next day. Rain, shower, temperature are often changed in the week. You have to prepare for the weather chnages everyday. Now the winter is moving slowly toward the end. Each day, it is about 8 to 10 minutes widers in lenght of the day time! The dark winter here will end soon. Hehehe I like it.

It has been shown that dark and cold weather cause a lot of depression and need light therapy for some people. In the US, during my study in the University of Washington, Seattle in the winter, it was shown the decline in student performance in classes leading to low grades! hehhe- Seasonal Affective Syndrome (SAD).


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