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Sunday, January 08, 2006

A winter break in Paris!

After the first semester was over, I left Bergen for a while to visit relatives in Paris. It was a great time there. It took about 2h 10 mn from Bergen to Paris. It is a great, a stylistic and a busy city comparing with Bergen, the city where I came from!

All relatives were warm and friendly to me though everyone had their own jobs to do. We were lucky enough to have the chrismas time in my relative's house in which all of her sons, daughters's families with children could come to enjoy. For adults, chrismas and new year were a nice time for familes's union but for children, it was a time for fun to get the chrismas gifts and other!

I visited few places during my stay there: Notre Dame, l'arc the Triomphe, Montre Matre, Eiffel Tower and the popular boulevard of Champ Elysse. For some people from Cambodia, Paris is a city of their dream! But for me, it was not a city of dream but just a place that makes me know more about another world!

I was back to Bergen on December 30, 2005. I was asked stay until new year in Paris but I could not make it due to my air ticket.


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