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Life is a constant struggling and challenging but beautiful and meaningful! This blogger is a diary related to my living, my study, my views while I am away from home. Please enjoy it and make comments. From November 2010, the site will be used as a forum to share views with friends and colleagues related to public health and issues found interesting in Cambodia

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Interest in health research and evaluation particularly in the field of HIV related risk behavior, prevention, care and treatment. Also, a faculty member, School of Public Health, National Institute of Public Health, Cambodia Contact me at

Sunday, December 18, 2005

A big task is over!

It is 11:30 AM. Outside the unviversity dormitory, it is quiet and cold. From my window, snow is everywhere making the dark winter in Bergen become bright!

I just finalized the revised manuscript about HIV and mobility and forward it to my coauthor for additional comments before the final version can be sent out. I feel relax now. but it lasts very short because I have to go through another report. It is needed to be printed before the end of the year due to budget expiration. When playing games, we have to know the rule of the game and follow the rules!

Next, I will write more about my experience living in Norway as an outsider in this diary.

Friday, December 16, 2005

The first semester is over!

I had a party with friends last night after the first semester was over. It was a little bit late caused me a trouble in falling asleep afterward. Therefore, I decide to go online and learn how to use web blogger with expectation to be able to post something online to express my ideas, thoughts on different issues in my daily life in Bergen in terms of living and studying.

A little bit about me

From where should I start myself? I am from Phnom Penh, Cambodia but currently I am a student at the Centre for International Health, Univeristy of Bergen, Norway.

It's my first time to start learning how to use blogger. It takes me for a while to figure it out. That's OK. It's a leanring process! Now I am struggling with how to post my photo in my web. It's great that the blogger has made friendly templates for users. It makes my life easy!